Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples

source Al Mayadeen

Amid the constant flow of comments that can be read in the international press about the situation in Venezuela, the word Cuba has become more and more apparent.

“Cuba behind Venezuela,” “Venezuela, the colony of Cuba,” are some of the headlines in the antichavistas newspapers, and in the Spanish newspaper El País, Cuba is mentioned ten times in just ten paragraphs.

The Venezuelan government has called for a Constituent Assembly to face violence in the streets of a foreign-funded opposition that has set fire to the Supreme Court and educational facilities and have refuse to establish a dialogue, a fact that has been recognized even by Pope Francisco. However, the defenders of world democracy, including the State Department and their accompanying press, have never condemned the violent behavior of the Venezuelan opposition and its rejection for a dialogue and its calls for external interference by organizations such as the OAS, always guarded by Washington. How many times has Washington intervened in Latin America from the Cuba of 1898 to Michel Temer’s Brazil ? How many documents, declarations, military coups and armed marines can prove it? In the other hand, how many coups have been generated from Havana?

In the boarder with Colombia, there are numerous US militaries, but the real threat to Venezuela is the Cuban doctors and sports instructors which never attended the infamous “School of the Americas”. The Cuban participation purpose is to heal and improve the lifes of the humble, but for the opposition these doctors are a danger for democracy instead of the marines, ambassadors of a long history of military interventions.

“Who cares about Maduro, he is a puppet” published in the same newspapers that are trying to lead Latin America back to the obsolete puppet theatre. Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and several Caribbean countries watched how the OAS decided that the votes should be directed to give money to those who create a shortage in the stores and block the streets of Caracas and pressure the rest of the Latin American governments to vote in favor of an intervention in Venezuela.

Isn´t this the best way to justify the North American interference and the external dependence on the Washington-based puppets and to fabricate another intervention like the one in Cuba, by saying this a “communist threat”, which also opened the doors to Pinochet and Videla in Chile?

Solidarity is the tenderness of the peoples, only the gorillas and their spokesmen can match it to the brutal extortion that the United States has been exercising in the south of its borders for centuries.



Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity. In defense of the truth and plurality information

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