Articulation of Popular Movements of ALBA letter to the Government of the US on interference in Venezuela

 To: Government of the United States of America
c/c of the Congressmen and Organizations of the US people
 Subject: About your interference in the internal affairs of VENEZUELA
 We, who have signed this declaration – representatives of popular movements and political organizations, intellectuals, artists -, address your excellences to alert you, that we consider the positions of the current US government, a disrespect for the autonomy of the peoples, the norms of the Nations United Nations and international law. That is why:
  1. We demand full respect for international law and unconditionally support Venezuela’s right to self-determination and sovereignty;
  1. We reject any form of interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs, especially from the United States. International law must be respected. In particular, the use of sanctions to compel a government to act in a manner violates Articles 19 and 20 of the OAS Charter.
  1. We consider absurd attempts to penalize directly the people who are in Venezuelan legal mandates, especially President Nicolas Maduro.
  1. We condemn any illegal, violent and unconstitutional attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro.
  1. We support all attempts to mediate between government and opposition in Venezuela to find peace through dialogue such as UNASUR’s attempts, the Vatican, former presidents Zapatero, Fernández and Torrijos, the group of five friendly countries (Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and CARICOM.
  1. We pronounce that any difference that may exist between Venezuela and the United States must be resolved through constructive dialogue and diplomacy.
  1. We expect the people of the United States to help us restrain the prepotency of their temporary government. It should be guided by the principles of solidarity, autonomy and equity of international rights among all peoples.
Articulation of Popular Movements of ALBA 

Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity. In defense of the truth and plurality information

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