Next November 1st, most member countries of the United Nations will vote in favor of the draft resolution that Cuba will present to put an end to the US economic and financial blockade against our country. They will support with their vote with the yearning of millions of people in the world for the cessation of this genocidal and anachronistic policy that has lasted for more than sixty years by bringing pain and deprivation to the Cuban people.

This time the vote will take place under different circumstances. A new Administration is obsessed by erasing everything the previous tenants of the White House had accomplished and make a commitment to the most reactionary and anti-Cuban interests in the US Congress and intensify this inhuman blockade and bring more suffering to the Cuban families and greater prejudice to the friends of the Island, particularly within the United States itself.

This time the vote will take place only one month and a half after most Cuba was devastated by the most powerful hurricane that has passed through the Caribbean Sea in one hundred years. With the deficiencies provoked by the blockade we have to add the obstacles that the North American government has impose in order to accede to the international aid and the donations coming from all parts of the world, and, the cessation of visas to the Cuban citizens to visit the United States, including those related to family reunification, as well as the limitations for US citizens to visit the island. This demonstrates again the inhuman nature of this policy against the people of Cuba.

This recrudescence of this siege policy to our country, takes us back to the old new excuses, sustained in the most delirious imperial fantasies. Cuba has never constituted nor constitutes a threat to the safety or physical integrity of US citizens; it is the opposite, thousands of compatriots have lost their lives as a result of aggressions originated in the American territory.

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity, joins the universal demand for the cessation of the blockade against Cuba and demands the end of the policy being impose by the government of the United States in the most diverse fields against the Cuban people.

We also condemn the latest actions of the Trump Administration directed not only to increase the economic and financial blockade, but to eliminate any possibility of a dialogue between the two countries, which is part of a historical imperialist behavior, contrary to the interests of the Latin-American peoples and the rest of the world

Let us join our voices with the hands that will be raised in the UN General Assembly in defense of the rights of the Cuban people next November 1. Only a persistence denunciation and the struggle against this criminal policy will force that the blockade against Cuba be eliminated by the United States government.

Enough of injustice and arrogance; enough of aggressions against the abnegated, sovereign and independent people of Cuba.

EDH-Cuba Network

Havana, October 9, 2017, Year 59 of the Revolution.

Cuba-Network in Defense of Humanity. In defense of the truth and plurality information

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